I came

across a news item first reported by Mary Jo Foley in her blog

Microsoft Watch. She reported that Microsoft published 30 new and free SharePoint

applications. I have edited several downloads

over the past week or two that list 10 things

you should know about the enterprise applications and servers Microsoft has in

their software portfolio.


surprising thing, at least to me, perhaps not to Microsoft, is the popularity

of these services – especially SharePoint. According to my colleagues who

attended the TechEd conference recently, SharePoint was actually being used for

practical tasks by real people.

The 30

applications listed on the Microsoft page all seem like reasonable endeavors that

someone somewhere wants to accomplish. The question is, will you use a free

SharePoint application, one that you will have to modify and configure to fit

your situation, or do you prefer to start from scratch and build it yourself? Or,

perhaps a better question, what are you using SharePoint for – I’d like to