With summer holidays quickly approaching, there are a handful of opportunities for employees to disconnect from work, though relatively few do—only 26% of professionals said they leave their work device behind when on vacation, according to a report from Snow Software, which also found that 36% of always take their work devices on vacation, among respondents in the US.

While there is undoubtedly much to be said about preventing overwork and burnout, not bringing work devices on vacation does prevent losing them while on vacation—a potentially costly mistake for unsecured devices containing sensitive data.

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Around 30% of Americans report losing a work device, according to the report, with Americans more likely to lose work devices while on vacation than workers in Europe or Asia Pacific. Worryingly, less than half (49%) of respondents indicated they contacted their company when a work device was lost or stolen. Of those who did, only 49% did so immediately.

According to the report, the most common locations for a work device to be lost or stolen include:

  • Restaurant (35%)

  • Hotel/rental property (34%)

  • Public transportation (train, bus, taxi, etc.) (32%)

  • Airplane/airport (29%)

  • Rental car (28%)

Of respondents who reported having previously lost a device, only 47% report having it returned to them.

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