Switches made by 3Com topped a survey by In-Stat in terms of energy efficiency. This is so for fixed-configuration 24- and 48-port switches.

According to the study, results vary in Gbps (gigabits per second) per Watts of 0.5 Gbps/Watts to 3Gbps/Watt, or more than 600% difference.

Excerpt from Network World:

In-Stat finds that in general, energy efficiency drops as the number of switch ports increases. Energy efficiency does not vary much between low- and high-end models of switches made by the same manufacturer, the study says. More important is who makes the switch. “In-Stat determined that even among similarly equipped switches capable of performing identical tasks, there are significant vendor-specific differences in energy efficiency,” the study says.

Interestingly, Cisco came in as the bottom two among both 24-port and 48-port switches. Sharing the bottom two slots was Cisco in the 24-port switch category, and HP’s ProCurve for 48-port switches. Vendors tested in this report were 3Com, Allied Telesis, Cisco, D-Link, Enterasys, Extreme, Foundry, Force10, H3C, HP, Netgear, Nortel, and SMC.

In this instance, it is not known if the backplane capacities of the switches were taken into consideration. Will this report influence you in your selection of network switches?