Last month, I did a write-up on SpaceTime 3D, a browser that provides a nifty 3D experience while browsing the Web. The SpaceTime 3D team has now added several new features to the browser, including:

  • Highlighted Text – Highlighted keywords in Google Web Search or Yahoo! Web Search
  • Navigator – Screen navigator that’s toggled via a shortcut (Ctrl+N) for zooming in, zooming out, panning a page, and shuffling between pages
  • Fast – Due to reduced initial load pages
  • Image Link – Available for Google Image Search, double clicking the image, creates new page showing origin of image on the Web (a similar feature for Yahoo! will be available soon)
  • YouTube – Videos in 3D from YouTube
  • RSS Feeds – Now, view your RSS feeds from (1) Google News, (2) Yahoo! News, (3) CNN News, (4) Forbes, (5) GigOm, (6) People, (7) Delicious and (8) Daily Motion (a feature to add your own feeds is coming soon)
  • Amazon Search – Search items via Amazon from a drop-down menu
  • Favorites – Load your favorites from IE7 and place them in a tab called “Favorites” in the History. If you mouse over the small triangle in the upper left-hand corner of the screen, you will see a thought-bubble that says Open History. By clicking this triangle, it will open the History, which reveals the “favorites.” (Add to Favorites and Organize favorites options will be included soon)
  • Search within a Page – Use Ctrl+F to search for words within a page
  • Cinematic View – One click option to get YouTube video search, Image Search, or eBay search to full screen mode

You can try the browser by downloading it from the SpaceTime Web siteShare your comments on the browser.