3D printing fans: Follow these 10 Twitter accounts

There's a lot going on in the world of 3D printing. If you're a big fan of the technology, stay up to date on the latest developments by following these accounts.

3D Systems 3D printed prosthetic legs for Derby the dog.
Image: 3D Systems

There's so many stories about 3D printing out there these days, it's almost impossible to keep up with them all. People are using the technology in any industry you can think of, from manufacturing, to healthcare, to education, and printing everything from prosthetic limbs to office gadgets.

For any 3D printing enthusiast, it's a lot of information to digest. Luckily, there are some great Twitter accounts out there that can keep you up to date without overwhelming you. Here are 10 of them.

1. 3D Printing Industry (@3dprintindustry)

This is a global media company that produces online and print content about the vast world of 3D printing. 3DPI offers insights on a wide range of applications for 3D printing. Sample tweet: ".@airwolf3d's new printer is hungry like the wolf http://3dpi.net//393 via @3dprintindustry #3dprinting"

2. 3D Printing News (@My3DPrinting)

3D Printing News has the most up to date information about 3D printing. And they find some pretty weird stories. Sample tweet: "Woolly Mammoth Resurrection - Forget DNA Regeneration, Just 3D Print One in 197 Pieces http://3dprint.com/71930/3d-printed-woolly-mammoth/"

3. Autodesk (@Autodesk)

Autodesk is leader in CAD/3D design software. The company is always innovating with 3D printing, offering new apps and downloads for makers. The team likes to push the limits of what's possible, and it turns out to be pretty cool. Sample tweet: "Nature & chess lovers unite with the geometric forms of 3D printed, micro planter chess sets. http://autode.sk/1QkbCFn "

4. Fabbaloo (@Fabbaloo)

Fabbaloo tracks developments in home 3D printing specifically. They tweet often about random things you can print with a desktop printer. Sample tweet: "PancakeBot Raises USD$460K http://fabb.lu/1IsSoM5 #3DPrinting"

5. Shapeways (@Shapeways)

Shapeways is a huge name in this industry -- it offers 3D printing services and a marketplace where you can design, customize, buy, and sell products. Sample tweet: "Check us out on @Skillshare sharing our best tips for running a business on Shapeways: http://shpws.me/IapZ"

6. MakerBot (@makerbot)

If you're into 3D printing, you have to stay up to date on MakerBot. The company is always up to something, and they're always innovating to get 3D printing to more people. Recently, they've also been into 3D printing in education. Sample tweet: "Follow @MakerBotEDU for free #education #3Ddesigns, educator stories, and tips to use #3Dprinting in the classroom!"

7. Printing Everyday (@jesshedstrom)

Printing Everyday is run by Jessica Hedstrom, who has a podcast called "Printing Everyday," where she talks to experts in the industry. She's based in Portland, Oregon. Sample tweet: "LIVE on #Periscope: Behind the scenes of a #3Dprinting #podcast https://www.periscope.tv/w/aEYjmTY1Mjg2M3wyMDM0NTM4Ndl-S0oWWttG2Ue242FyEOl-LywB_By6ndM5yEZj5wiX"

8. Sculpteo (@Sculpteo)

Sculpteo is a fast, open 3D printing service. Check out videos and workshops about how to 3D design and print, upload your design, and start manufacturing. The company is based in France. Sample tweet: "#Womenin3DP inaugural Meetup in the Bay area Today 6pm Guest: Barbara Hanna http://buff.ly/1F5gtnt #Sculpteo"

9. 3D Systems (@3Dsystemscorp)

3D Systems is the biggest player in the game, and they do some pretty interesting stuff. The company, based in South Carolina, was started by the guy who invested 3D printing. Sample tweet: ""The most exciting point of a #technology is when it's not exciting anymore." - Chuck Hull, father of #3dprinting http://bit.ly/1dtICOX"

10. Thingiverse (@Thingiverse)

Thingiverse is MakerBot's open source, online platform for 3D designs for any home printer. It's a total maker community, and they tweet all kinds of stuff to print on your desktop printer. Sample tweet: "Major oversight: Barbie doesn't come with a forge hammer or a tire iron. A problem solved by @Zheng3_Jim: http://tmblr.co/ZTxqcr1mL3vjG"

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