Unisantis Electronics of Japan is teaming with Singapore’s Institute of Microelectronics to develop the Surround Gate Transistor (SGT), which could boost processor speeds by 10 to 20 times current limits.

An excerpt from Gizmodo:

Moore’s law states that the amount of transistors able to be jam-packed into processors will double every two years or so. But if chip makers are going to keep this up, they’re going to have to move beyond the quaint world of two dimensions and into the realm of 3D processors. Masuoka has made a deal with Singapore’s Institute of Microelectronics to develop new 3D chip designs, which he will then license through the Singaporean government.

The team is being lead by the CTO of Unistasis, Fujio Masuoka, who is the inventor of flash memory. He claims that the technologies exist today to put into action the concept he proposed 20 years ago.

There are several other technologies that have promised the sky in IC (integrated circuits) innovations. However, the question remains as to when real products will see the light of the day.

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