4 apps to help you take notes

The next time you have to write something down quickly, try one of these 4 apps for taking notes.

4 note taking apps you haven't heard of

So, what do you do when you've got to jot something down? Pen and paper is too last century, and because you're a rebel, you're not interested in Evernote.

Here are 4 note taking app alternatives.

First up is MetaMoJi. MetaMoJi covers a lot of ground. You can take notes, but also sketch, annotate PDFs, and scrapbook. The premium version comes with a few other bells and whistles like handwriting recognition and voice recording.

If that's far more than you need, there's always MyScript Memo. This one is is cool because you don't need a keyboard, you can just scribble with your finger. If you need to jot something down quick, it's pretty handy.

Third, there's Simplenote. If all you're looking for is plain text note taking, this might be a good option for you. Unlike the experience of dealing with a pile of stray sticky notes, Simplenote also lets you search, pin, tag, and share your notes.

And fourth, is Draft, which is powered by Dropbox. Like Simplenote, you can create plain text notes, but you can also create notes with other file formats like markdown. You can receive and share text with other applications, and search all your notes. And lucky you, there are 5 color themes to choose from.

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