We’re all busy people.

Fortunately, staying organized is as easy as finding an method that meets your particular needs. Here are four options – both high and low tech – for managing your tasks.

First, the most simple route is to just write everything down.

You can use a whiteboard and erase tasks as you go, or use a notepad and cross things off. Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of simplicity.

If that’s too old school for you, you can move your to-do list to your laptop. Whether through stickies and web-based apps that can sync with your email or calendar, you can run your list from your computer screen.

But let’s say you’re a more on-the-go type person. You can tackle your to-dos from your mobile device using either simple lists or more complex systems. There’s no shortage of apps designed to help you. Some are even free. One solid example is Todoist.

Apps like these let you set priorities, reminders, labels, and then let you mark them complete when you’re finished.

On a broader level, you can try out the Get Things Done strategy, or GTD, based on the book of the same name by David Allen. You break tasks down into actionable parts, and you divide them into into categories of activities such as work, home, fitness, and so on. You can do GTD with paper and pencil or with many of the apps available for various devices that are already designed to work using the GTD system.

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