4 mistakes to avoid on LinkedIn

Watch out for these 4 common mistakes you might be making on LinkedIn

4 mistakes you're making on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great way to present yourself professionally online. However, do make sure that 'professional' is how you come across.

Here are 4 mistakes you might be making on LinkedIn.

First, let's talk about that profile pic. To start, make sure you have one. Next, make sure it's something professional. That means save kissy-face photos of you and your significant other for Facebook, and use a decent headshot for LinkedIn.

Second, in case you didn't know, there's a setting that lets you remain anonymous when you look at other people's LinkedIn pages. This feature is handy, especially if you're looking at the same page multiple times. That way, you can investigate without coming off creepy.

Third, claim your custom URL. It's a little bit of polish that shows you know what you're doing on LinkedIn. Plus, it looks a whole lot better than a random string of numbers and letters.

And fourth, get rid of goofy endorsements. If your college roommate endorsed you for napping or cat herding, delete those endorsements. We're not saying they're not funny, we're saying they're not going to get you a job.

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