4 mistakes your brand might be making on Facebook

We all make mistakes. Here are 4 your brand might be making on Facebook.

The 4 worst mistakes brands make on Facebook

If you follow a brand on Facebook then you've probably seen some pretty choice slip ups. Yes, it happens, but maybe, just maybe, it doesn't have to happen to your brand.

Here are four mistakes brands make on Facebook.

First is begging for likes. We've all seen it -- like this picture if you're a dog owner, or like this post if you're into expensive cheese. In truth, it's lame.Try and create content that people will want to like on their own, without being prodded.

Second is desperately clinging to pop cultural relevance. It can be magic when a brand seizes the right moment and plays off some unexpected event that everyone will inevitably be talking about. People are still talking about Oreo's slick Twitter ad during the Super Bowl black out two years ago. But when every brand is trying to get in on... everything, it looks cheap. So, before you ask your Facebook followers what color they think the dress is, consider whether piggybacking off the hype is really going to do anything for you.

Third, is making spelling errors. This goes for any social media platform, but the thing about Facebook is you can go back and edit posts. So, you really have no excuse. Reread your posts and don't leave the proofreading to your eagle-eyed audience, who will call you out on it in the comments.

Fourth is relying too heavily on boring stock photos. On one hand they're great because odds are you don't have a photographer on your social media team, but try to rein it in. There are only so many handshakes in pantsuits anyone can take. Get creative about your creative materials. Think about what's in your Facebook feed -- cute babies and furry pets always win out over pictures of people smiling and pointing at a computer.

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