4 reasons why IT teams lack time for digital transformation projects

Time remains the biggest enemy for IT professionals attempting to execute digital transformation projects, according to a Sirkin report.

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Network professionals struggle to find the time to complete important business initiatives including digital transformation projects, according to a recent Sirkin Research report. The report, commissioned by LiveAction, surveyed more than 200 IT professionals in companies with at least 1,000 employees to understand the major challenges associated with launching digital business initiatives.

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Most digital transformation obstacles within businesses are typically employee-related, uncovering deep-seeded culture and communication problems within an organization. A lack of top-down communication is another factor that can set digital transformations up for failure.

Almost half (43%) of network professionals said they struggled to find time to work on important business initiatives, according to the report. Instead, their time is allocated towards time-consuming tasks, due to the complications associated now with a multi-vendor and multi-cloud network culture, the report found.

Some 42% of respondents cited network troubleshooting as their most time-consuming practice during the workday. This obstacle is mainly in place because of another: Nearly 35% of respondents reported having poor visibility across the network, the report said. With poor visibility, not only do network professionals have issues monitoring performance, but they aren't able to see and stop the problem before they even occur, the report added.

Another 35% of network professionals confirmed having poor end-to-end performance monitoring across network devices. And 31% said they have trouble managing complicated workflows between critical systems, the report found.

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The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • Some 43% of network professionals fail to complete digital transformations because of a lack of time. -- Sirkin, 2019
  • 42% of respondents confirmed most of their time being dedicated to troubleshooting across the whole network. -- Sirkin, 2019

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