Successful teams are built from the top down, according to a recent Emplify report. The report surveyed more than 70,000 employees to determine the factors managers of highly engaged teams have in common.

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Of the 14 engagement drivers the report assessed, the following four were identified as the most significant:

1. Trust

Trust is a make or break factor for employees, the report found. A 10% increase of trust in managers creates the same levels of engagement as a 36% salary raise. Whether it’s increased transparency or consistent recognition, creating a trusting environment is essential for employees.

2. Professional development

The majority (74%) of workers said they don’t feel like they are achieving their full potential, the report found. Managers must prioritize professional development, whether through mentorship or training programs. Nine out of 10 employees said they believe workplace training is important for their overall development, the report added.

3. Feedback

Managers must be communicating with their employees, especially with constructive feedback, the report noted. This feedback should also go both ways, forming a clear line of communication and openness. The only way employees can improve is by knowing where they need to, the report said.

4. Fairness

Managers who take time to consider employees’ needs have more engaged teams, the report found. Employees must communicate how they feel they are being treated, and employers must consider if they are treating employees fairly, through interpersonal contact and compensation.

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