One of the most important parts of your brand’s social is the bio. Who are you? What do you do?

Here are 4 tips for making sure your social media bios are effective.

First, tailor your bio to the platform. For example, you have a more limited space on Twitter than you do on Facebook, so consider not only that, but the placement of your bio — is it buried under a tab or one of the first items a potential followers sees — and how that impacts what you say about your brand. A brand like Coca-Cola can probably get away with a one liner, said Gartner’s Jennifer Polk, but a smaller business might require a bit more detail.

Second, keep it simple. If your Facebook bio starts off with something like “founded in 2001,” that’s too much, Polk said. It’s also probably not the type of bio information folks are looking for. Maybe provide a link to a more detailed history that’s housed elsewhere, like your company’s main website. Keep your description down to a short paragraph or two, if possible.

Third, what you should include is the info people might actually need. A social listening tool can help you determine if people are trying to find hours of operation, or contact info when they come to your page. Don’t turn your bio into an FAQ, Polk said, but do provide useful information.

Fourth, don’t forget to update it. If something changes in your company, or you’ve revisited something like your moderation policy, make sure your page refelcts the most current information. Since bios tend to be more static parts of social media pages, sometimes they get neglected.

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