4 tips for better iOS 7 calendar management

We live with our calendars, from scheduling meetings to keeping track of tasks that need to be completed. With a few simple tips, though, you can make your calendar life a lot better.

iOS 7 calendar

Digital calendars help to keep your mind sane when managing tasks, appointments, and other events. You can spend a lot of time looking at, creating, and managing events in your calendar, so it's worthwhile to learn shortcuts where you can. iOS 7 includes a great Calendaring application that syncs between all of your devices, but with a few handy tips, you can enter and manage calendars events with even more ease.

Here are four must-use tips for iOS 7 calendar management.

1. Faster minute time selection for time-based events

Picking a specific time in minutes on iOS can be a bit of a hassle if you have to scrolling the minutes wheel somewhere between 0 and 59 in order to set the time for your event. You can change the display of the minutes selector, however, so that it shows five minutes increments instead of one minute increments with this hidden feature.

To change the display of the minute selector in the Add Event dialog, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Calendar application
  2. Tap on the plus sign [+] to create a new event
  3. Ensure that the All-day item is left unchecked
  4. Tap the Starts or Ends option (Figure A)
    Figure A
    Figure A
  5. When the date selector appears, double-tap on the minute wheel to have it switch between 0-59 incremented by single minutes and five minute increments (Figure B).
    Figure B
    Figure B

Using the five minute increment can help you to scroll through and select a time better, but you can switch back to the single minute increment at any time by simply double-tapping on the wheel again.

2. Adding an event from email

Sometimes you may get an invite to an event without an ICS file attachment for adding it directly to your calendar application. When this happens, you may think that the only way to get your event into the calendar is by manually adding it, but there's an easier way:

In an email that you receive that mentions a specific date and time, tap on the time mentioned in the email, then tap Create Event (Figure C).

Figure C

Figure C
Using data detectors in fields, iOS Mail can automatically recognize dates and times and offer to create events for you, when tapped.

Doing this will open the standard Add Event panel from the Calendar, allowing you to add the event to your calendar with ease. Note that only dates in the text underlined in blue is eligible for this Create Event feature using data detectors on iOS.

3. Displaying the list view

iOS 7.0 introduced a Calendar application without the standard list view that we had come to love for several iterations of iOS, showing your upcoming events stacked on top of one another. Fortunately, with iOS 7.1, Apple added this list view back in. Regardless of which iOS version you're running, you can view your events in list view below.

If you're running iOS 7.0.x, follow these instructions:

  1. Open the Calendar application
  2. Tap on the Search icon in the title view
  3. Your upcoming events will be listed, stacked on top of one another in a scrollable list view

If you're running iOS 7.1.x, follow these instructions:

  1. Open the Calendar application
  2. Tap on the List View icon in the top title view
  3. The event list will appear from the bottom of the view and let you see your upcoming events in a single, scrollable list (Figure D)
    Figure D
    Figure D

4. Drag and drop calendar appointments

Rearranging events created and viewed in the Calendar application can be a bit involved: you've got to navigate to the event details, edit the event, and re-save the event. This can take a bit of extra effort that's no longer needed with iOS 7.

Here's how you can change the event time by dragging and dropping in iOS 7:

  1. Open the Calendar application
  2. Navigate to a day containing an event that you would like to edit
  3. Rotate your device into landscape mode
  4. Tap and hold the event that you would like to change the time of, then drag it to the appropriate time before releasing the tap. The event time will be updated (Figure E).
    Figure E
    Figure E

That's a wrap

iOS 7 calendar just keeps getting better, and so do mobile calendar capabilities. With these four tips, we hope that you can better use the mobile calendar with your workflow. If you have additional tips and tricks that you've found with the iOS 7 Calendar app, please let us know in the discussion thread below.