You know you’ve achieved at least some level of status when people start asking you for recommendations. Be proud. Also, be effective.

First, keep it short. Don’t forget LinkedIn is a social media platform, after all. You’re helping to form an easy to digest, positive impression of a person. Your recommendation doesn’t, and really shouldn’t, include everything and the kitchen sink. Unless the kitchen sink was some kind of revolutionary home automation project.

That plays into the second tip. Be specific. It’s one thing to say your colleague is a good professional, it’s another to say why you think that. How do they stand out? Give clear example highlighting some notable thing they actually did– like a project or situation where they excelled.

Third, don’t forget to say you who are. What’s your relationship? Have you been working together for 10 years? Are you the person who made the hire? Say so.

Fourth, end on a strong note. Make sure your last sentence or conclusion is strong, positive, and would make any future recruiter or employer want hear more.

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