4 useful features for brands on Instagram

Instagram is rolling out all kinds of new features. Here are 4 that might be useful to your brand.

Video: 4 features your brand can use on Instagram

In the past several months, Instagram's been rolling out some interesting new features. These features are giving users the ability to do more than slap on a Mayfair filter and post a pic.

First up, check out what's trending around the world. This feature is new. If you hit the discover button, you can look at trending hashtags. This matters because if you can legitimately use one of those tags it could help you reach a wider audience. Just please, tag responsibly.

Second, remind followers they can subscribe to your account. They might not know this, but it really takes two taps to turn on post notifications. That means they'll get an alert when you post, and your engagement numbers will probably thank you for it.

Third, figure out who's talking about you. Check out your activity tab and your photos of you tab. If someone tags you, don't be afraid to respond or like their post. It shows you're engaged.

And fourth, tag your location and tag anyone relevant in the photo. These are just more layers of data that tell the story of the image, and make it easier for people to find and engage with. And for you, that'll mean a bigger audience, better brand awareness, and those nice big engagement numbers we daydream about.

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