From managing digital transformation investments to IT budgetary considerations, project managers and project management teams oversee a wide range of strategies across an enterprise. To ensure companies onboard a project manager who is aligned with their vision and principles, there are numerous concepts organizations will need to keep in mind during the hiring and recruiting process. Below, we’ve highlighted four project management resources to assist with budgetary cost-benefit analysis, digital transformation policy, and optimizing the recruiting process.

Managing AI and ML in the enterprise 2020

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are central to digital transformation across industries. Project managers will need to oversee the development and implementation of these strategies as they evolve. This resource details insights from a TechRepublic Premium survey conducted in February 2020 to better understand ways organizations are leveraging AI and ML as part of their overall digital transformation efforts. These findings provide information related to AI and ML implementation, investments, oversight, and more.

IT Project Cost/Benefit Calculator

Projecting the costs and benefits of a particular IT project is a complex undertaking for businesses. That said, the updated TechRepublic Premium cost and benefit calculator has been calibrated to help organizations assess IT project budgets including the ability to estimate costs in the short-term and long-term. The ready-made framework details a project’s costs for year-one as well as the project’s anticipated second- and third-year expenses. The calculator provides enterprises with a customizable Excel spreadsheet to help teams calculate IT project costs and benefits using various tabs to assess opportunities related to cost-saving and revenue creation.

Hiring Kit: Project Manager

A business’s project management strategy will rely on the capabilities of its project managers. For this reason, selecting the ideal candidate for the position is a critical decision. This resource helps organizations streamline their approach to the project manager hiring process. The TechRepublic Premium hiring kit exists as an adjustable framework allowing an organization to tailor this resource to fit their organizational needs. The kit provides a number of assets to assist with the hiring process including job descriptions for online posts, interview questions, classified ad text as well as general advice to consider when assessing potential candidates.

2021 IT budget research report: COVID-19's impact on projects and priorities

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted industries around the globe leading to short-term and long-term economic uncertainty. These market disruptions have forced many organizations to shift IT budget priorities and delay projects. At the same time, organizations are relying on their IT teams to support remote workers. This resource is based on a recent TechRepublic Premium survey and provides information related to 2021 budget priorities, IT spending, and more.