4 ways to improve your time management

Always short on time? Here are 4 techniques to help you get a handle on your productivity.

4 Techniques for time management

We're always pressed for time. It's one of those things no one ever seems to have enough of. Like batteries. Or gum.

Here are 4 techniques for improving your time management.

The first is the Pomodoro technique. Basically, you break down tasks into 25 minute increments using a timer, and take short breaks in between. The breaks help you stay fresh, and the high focus during those 25 minutes helps you to not waste time.

The next technique is to build a matrix and classify your tasks as urgent or not urgent, and important and not important. The biggest time wasters fall in the urgent but not important category. Prioritize tasks that are both urgent and important.

Third, there's the 18 minutes technique. In the morning, spend five minutes figuring out what you need to do. During the day, take one minute each hour to review whether you've been productive. In the evening, take five more minutes to determine if the day went well and if there's anything you could improve.

And fourth, make a to-do list everyday, and break down larger tasks into smaller parts. That way, you know what you need to do and you actually have the feeling of moving forward in accomplishing your goal because you have a strategy.

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