The gender gap is undeniable in the working world, especially for tech professionals. This divide even permeates into remote job titles and won’t be completely eliminated for a long time, according to a recent beqom report. The Gender Pay Gap: What You Employees Really Think Report, released on Wednesday, found that 40% of tech workers believe the gender gap has increased in the past 12 to 18 months.

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Only 15% of tech workers reported their current jobs disclosing pay gap measurement, indicating a lack of transparency in the workplace, the report said. Only 15% of US tech workers also said their organizations have adjusted the salaries of female employees.

‘The Gender Pay Gap: What Your Employees Really Think report reveals that, despite the increased efforts of employers and lawmakers, enterprise employees believe there is still a long way to go to close pay gaps, especially in the US,’ Tanya Jansen, beqom co-founder and chief marketing officer, said in a press release. ‘We commissioned the survey to uncover differences between US and UK employee perceptions, and we found that UK employees are consistently more likely to say that initiatives to close pay gaps are working in their country. The gender pay gap is a global issue that deserves every business’s attention, and we hope that this report sparks discussions around how to take effective action.’

Less than half (49%) of telecommunications and software/tech workers said they believe their employer is taking the gender pay gap issue seriously. However, 37% of tech workers said they would seek out and join companies that disclosed lower gender pay gaps over the organization they actually want to work with.

Nearly 75% of respondents said a national law should be in place that requires companies to disclose gender pay gap figures, the report found. Unsurprising, women (78%) were more aware of the pay gap than men.
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