Quantum was a Firefox game-changer last year, making the browser smarter and faster than ever before. That was before Firefox 61. An update to the Quantum, Firefox 61 is an even speedier and more reliable browser, announced Mozilla in a Tuesday blog post.

The update improves Quantum by parallelizing the parsing step, making pages with large spreadsheets or tables function faster, said a Mozilla developer in his blog post.

Firefox 61 will be extremely useful for business professionals who work with complex web pages or need multiple tabs operating at once. The overall functionality of Firefox has improved drastically in the past couple years, making it a force to be reckoned with in the web browser industry.

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Here are five of the new functions in Firefox 61:

1. Add search engines

Users can now add custom search engines in the location bar of Firefox, allowing faster and more streamlined functionality when searching, said the post. An example is if you are searching for a person in a TV show, you can route that search directly throughIMDB in the location bar.

2. Tab warming

Firefox 61 preemptively loads tabs when you are hovering over them, so users can switch between tabs faster, according to the post.

3. Retained display lists

With retained display lists, you can access pages you frequently visit much faster, said the post, The new function remembers content viewed previously, that way the page doesn’t have to be fully reloaded every time it’s visited.

4. Accessibility tools inspector

The web platform has assistive tools built right into the system. Creators and developers made an “accessibility tree” that better describes the structure of the site, said the developer’s post. Firefox 61 is much more accessible for all users.

5. WebExtension management tab

Extensions in the tabs permissions allows users to hide and restore tabs within the tab bar, resulting in hidden tabs still being loaded even if they aren’t shown, said the post.

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • Firefox 61 is an updated version of Quantum that works smarter and faster, announced Mozilla in a Tuesday blog post.
  • The update includes features like tab warming and retained display lists, making functionality more efficient for users with complex web pages.