SMS4 Cipher as a Spreadsheet

  1. Reference implementations are common parts of cipher standard specification. The SMS4 cipher’s new reference implementation is a spreadsheet, though — hardly a “normal” approach.
  2. Proposed Bill Requires ISPs 2 Year Data RetentionAs if our digital privacy wasn’t devalued enough, Republicans in both the House and Senate of the United States Congress are trying to make sure that privacy intrusions through your ISP will be able to reach back two years.
  3. Drive-By ‘War Cloning’ Attack Hacks Electronic Passports, Driver’s LicensesIn case you’re one of those people who thinks RFID chips in your wallet, such as mandated by the REAL ID Act, don’t present a security threat, someone decided to prove you wrong by cloning Homeland Security issued ID cards.
  4. Worm infiltrates computer, disables CPU fan, causes overheatingA worm found its way into a laptop owned by a Brit, and shut down the fan, thus causing the CPU to overheat and shut down. In this case, when I say “worm”, I mean “earthworm”.
  5. Microsoft Enables Autorun DisablingMicrosoft had released a patch for a bug that sometimes allowed autorun to work even when it was supposed to be turned off. Typical — Microsoft describes it as a “non-security update”, despite the fact the bug was one of the reasons the Conficker worm spread so quickly.


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