In 2015, Gartner projected that there were 6.4 billion IoT devices–that’s 30% more than the previous year. By 2020, they expected that figure to explode to 21 billion. With this massive proliferation of IoT devices, organizations are scrambling to get a handle on huge influxes of data–both structured and unstructured. According to a survey by PwC, 61% of companies said they believe their business should focus more on data analysis, and they are worried that if they don’t, they’re at risk of falling behind their competitors.

To keep up with the competition, many organizations are hiring people to work with data. Do you have a knack for working with numbers? For organizing, explaining, and managing the bigger picture of big data? Here are some jobs in the field that are worth checking out.

1. Big data architect

Like architects who create physical structures, data architects create blueprints for data management systems. The task is to assess internal and external data, then design a way to merge and organize the data. Looking for a big data architect job? Cisco, a top dog in manufacturing and selling networking equipment, needs first-rank handlers of big data. The multinational corporation is looking for a big data architect to provide “solutions and as-a-service platforms for big data, analytics and internet of things.” Apply here.

2. Big data engineer

The job of a big data engineer is to work with organizations to develop, maintain, test, and evaluate big data solutions. Google needs big data engineers, as noted here. For this job, the company wants someone who can “swiftly problem-solve technical issues for customers to show how … [its] products can make businesses more productive, collaborative and innovative.” And the Richmond, VA-based firm CapTech, listed four years in a row by Consulting Magazine as one of the “Best Firms to Work For,” is currently looking for a data engineer to bridge the gap between the business and IT side of businesses.

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3. IT data scientist

Are you a pro at dissecting and analyzing data? Some of our best universities are on the lookout for top-notch big data workers. The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) is looking for an IT data scientist. Among other things, the school is looking for someone to “[s]pearhead a data science/data analytics service” and “[a]pply expertise in analytics, quantitative analysis, data visualization techniques and modeling to find solutions for a variety of business and technical needs.”

4. Data architect engineer

This position combines skills in designing and implementing data management systems. Verizon, the nation’s largest wireless carrier, wants someone to handle its massive data flow. According to this post, the company is looking for a data architect engineer to handle “technical solutions, data flow architecture and driving the team on implementation of multiple, complex projects supporting Wireless, Corporate and other business operations and strategic initiatives.”

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5. Global data analytics

Are you able to both understand and explain the way data works? Alcoa, a Pittsburgh-based company, is in search of a global data analytics person who is willing and able to “employ meaningful data visualization to the customers through sustainable reporting solutions.” If you can handle something like that, check out the listing here.

6. Data analytics engineer

This position, a step up from data scientist, is a good fit for someone who can oversee and process the flow of data from its source to destination. Slack, the cloud-based software taking over offices, is searching for a data analytics engineer. Do you “love math, statistics, AND programming”? If so, apply here.