Most modern multifunction copiers have a hard drive, which often stores a copy of every document the machine scans, prints, copies, or faxes. If not properly wiped, the data on these drives can pose a significant security and privacy risk.

I wrote about the risk in 2007, and CBS News did a great investigative report in April. In my article about the CBS News investigation, I asked TechRepublic members the following questions:

  1. Does your organization have a policy that requires copier hard drives to be wiped before the machine is decommissioned?
  2. How does your organization wipe data from copier hard drives?

Before posting these polls, I assumed that the majority of respondents wouldn’t be wiping data from their organization’s copy machines. Still, the number of respondents who reported that their organization didn’t have a policy on wiping data, or didn’t know if such a policy existed surprised me.