Nearly three-quarters of North American office workers are willing to quit their job in order to move to an organization that allows them to work remotely more frequently, even without a pay increase. In a recent report, Softchoice surveyed about 1,000 full-time workers and found that 74% of them were willing to make this move.

“Cloud, mobile and unified communications technology continues to break down siloes and help employees to be more productive and collaborative from wherever they do their best work. As a result, what employees increasingly want is a seamless experience where they can access content, connect with colleagues and share files, and be productive from anywhere,” Francis Li, vice president of IT at Softchoice, said in a press release.

Collaboration technologies and an ever-increasingly mobile workforce have shifted ideas around office culture. According to the same report, 85% of employees expect their employers to provide some sort of technology that allows them to work from wherever they choose.

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The technology enablement is a critical point in the working from home trend, as many employees still rely heavily on team collaboration. Some 94% of the respondents said that they need to collaborate with others to fulfill the duties of their job.

Additionally 83% said that they use tech to collaborate with other employees who aren’t physically present in their office. And, 24% noted that they “often” or “always” have a remote participant in meetings. However, 78% said they “frequently” experience technical difficulties when collaborating with a remote colleague.

Of those surveyed, 51% said their employer allows them to work from home at least sometimes, and 49% said they weren’t allowed to do so. Although, of those who said they were allowed to work from home, 73% said they still felt like they were expected to be in the office.

The findings were also split by age. Millennial respondents were twice as likely to feel more productive and better-equipped when working from home than their baby boomer counterparts, the report found.

The 3 big takeaways for TechRepublic readers

  1. Almost 75% of employees in North America are willing to quit their job and move to a company that allows them to work from home more often, according to a Softchoice report.
  2. Some 85% of respondents said that they expect their employer to provide them with the technology that enables them to work from anywhere.
  3. Millennials were twice as likely as baby boomers to feel more productive and better-equipped when working from home.