There’s a lot of talk these days about the future of tech jobs — we know there will be lots of openings and not enough people to fill them. We also know that training people to fill those jobs doesn’t take the same form it once did. There’s been a burgeoning effort to not only get more people involved, but to be more inclusive and make sure opportunities are available to anyone who would want them. It’s a time for big ideas, and hopefully big action to follow.

Here are eight Twitter accounts addressing the future of tech jobs.

Saadia Muzaffar: @ThisTechGirl

Muzaffar is the founder of TechGirls Canada, a “hub for Canadian women in Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math (STEM)”. She brings a strong and pithy perspective on women and minorities in tech. And for the all the tweet storm Twitter witnesses, Muzaffar’s are always worth reading. Here’s a Storify on a string of tweets about the gender pay gap.

Megan Smith: @USCTO

Smith, formerly from Google, is the CTO for the United States. She tweets sporadically, but is a good source for what the US government is doing on the tech jobs and STEM education front. Example tweet: “For us to innovate, to compete, to educate the brightest #STEM graduates – girls and boys – we need gigabit broadband everywhere. #SOTU

CourseReport: @CourseReport

These guyscompile info about coding camps, like which ones are free and which are paid, how long they take to complete, as well as corrall other recourses, like a ROI calculator to determine if a coding boot camp is worth it. Example tweet: “Can I be a programmer if I’m not a math genius? YES! Advice from poets, writers, & lawyers who leapt into tech:

Aliya Rahman: @AliyaRahman

Until recently, Rahman was the director of Code for Progress. She tweets about not just diversity and tech, but broader social justice issues. Example tweet: “After Uber/Lyft, all my cab convos turn into complex microeconomics discussions. Working folks = experts on social impact of tech #LWTSummit

Aaron Price: @APStartup

Price founded the New Jersey tech meetup group. He curates articles having to do with everything from professional development, to designing interfaces to be more human, to local job opportunities. Example tweet: “‘You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.’ – Jack London”

Reshma Saujani: @reshmasaujani

Saujani founded Girls Who Code, an organization that aims to give girls the resources ans skills they need to get into computing. She tweets about diversity and inclusion in tech. Also, she posts some pretty great pictures of her dog and her new baby son. Example tweet: “My @girlswhocode are building a feminist gaming company! Go Sophie and Andy cc @TamponRunner

Brett Greene: @BrettGreene

Greene‘s Twitter account cover entrepreneurship, general tech news, and tips, articles on subjects like hiring practices, and other points of interest, like an article about a startup in Seattle called Tune that’s offering free rent, groceries, MacBooks, and WI-Fi to eight women studying computer science. He also started tech meetup group Seattle New Tech. Example tweet: “So stoked to be participating in 1st White House #Tech Meetup livestream 5/17 #WHMeetup

Ruthe Farmer: @ruthef

Farmer is the Chief Strategy & Growth Officer for National for Women & IT (NCWIT). Her Twitter bio says it pretty well: “Crusader for equity for women, girls & minorities in tech and engineering.” Example tweet: “Need coding/programming/tech interns? Ping me. I’ve got several #womenintech available nationwide.”

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