80% of tech workers consider moving to a new city for work

Voluntary relocation is considered a major perk when considering a new job, according to an Indeed report.

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Nearly nine out of 10 (87%) tech employees between the ages of 25 and 34 have considered moving to a new city for work, according to an Indeed report released Thursday. While tech makes up almost 10% of all US jobs, some 86% of hiring managers said they have trouble filling these roles.

Tech companies go to great lengths to attract talent, the report said. Between on-site meal deals, upscale campuses, and flexible schedules, companies are often willing to go the extra mile when it comes to perks. However, one benefit many companies overlook is voluntary relocation, according to the report. The study surveyed more than 1,000 US tech workers to see how many would enjoy the opportunity to move.

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More than half (57%) of tech worker respondents said they have moved for a job in the past, and 80% said they've considered moving for work, according to the report. While more men (60%) than women (53%) have relocated, an equal percentage have considered it previously.

Most respondents (65%) cited better career opportunities as their top motivators for relocating, followed by simply wanting a change (44%) and lower cost of living (33%), the report found.

Voluntary relocation is offered more commonly than people realize: Nearly half (49%) of tech employees said they work for companies that offer relocation options, the report added. Among the tech workers whose companies currently offer relocation opportunities, some 46% said they would be "very likely" to move, if the opportunity arose.

However, some factors could prevent workers from moving. More than half (56%) of respondents cited family and friends as their biggest obstacle when considering relocation. The second preventing factor is higher cost of living in other areas (34%), the report found.

Companies needing to relocate employees could consider offering incentives with the move. Some 66% of tech workers said relocation reimbursement would be the biggest motivating factor to move, the report said. The same amount said desirable locations would influence a move, and 56% said a promotion would affect their decision positively.

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The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • 80% of tech employees have considered moving to a new city for work. -- Indeed, 2019
  • 66% said they would most likely move if offered relocation reimbursement by the company. -- Indeed, 2019

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