A second draft of the Wireless 802.11n standard has been approved by the 802.11 working group.  Although many companies are now actively selling equipment labelled as wireless ‘n’ and concerns have been raised over their compatibility with newer products, the standards which define 802.11n are now a little closer to final approval.  The good news is that any products certified against the second draft of 802.11n standards are guaranteed to be compliant with the final 802.11n specs.

The third draft is expected to be seen in late 2007 to be approved in early 2008.  Final 802.11n standards are likely to be published in April 2009.  I must say that with technology moving so rapidly it seems that something need to be done about the abysmally slow process of defining standards and certifying new hardware—I would not be at all surprised if companies are selling the next generation of wireless products before the 802.11n standard is finalised!