In a Tuesday press release, Zerto defined IT resilience as an organization’s ability to maintain an active business environment and prevent disruptions to critical processes and IT. A new report, however, revealed that more than 90% of businesses don’t believe their organization matches that description.

The release noted that a lack of IT resilience could put businesses at reputational and financial risk. Eight hours of downtime without strong IT, the report found, could cost an organization $2,000,000.

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According to the release, businesses are experiencing disruptions as they try to embrace their customers’ changing needs during digital transformation. Some 79% of organizations lost money due to technology-related disruptions, and 20% lost customers as a result of this disruption.

As customers grow more concerned with the protection of their data, 90% of organizations believe data security is important for their digital or Internet of Things (IoT) projects, yet the kind of protection needed is not in place, the release noted.

Some 25% of organizations plan to deploy new cloud native apps within the next year, the report found. This creates an additional security challenge as apps become more complex and more risk areas develop.

Ensuring IT infrastructure can be critical for business success, the report noted.

According to the report, 55% of businesses expect the complexity of data protection to increase, and the amount of new tools this requires enhances the complexity. To combat these evolving needs, the report found that 85% of respondents plan to hire and/or train additional staff. Some 94% expected to spend more on IT resilience within the next two years.

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • Over 90% of businesses aren’t confident in their data protection abilities, a new report from Zerto found.
  • To combat this, 94% of organizations plan to up their IT spending to reduce risks.