IT has always been known for its long hours, but a new survey released by The IT Job Board says the situation is getting worse. In fact, 7.3 percent of the survey respondents claimed that this year they’re working 60 to 75 hours on average each week — that is one third higher than 2008 (at 4.8 percent).

75 percent advised that their company doesn’t pay overtime (or the positions are salaried), and 54 percent claimed to taking work home.

The reasons behind this trend are as you would expect — high volumes of work and management expectations of staffers.

When asked what impact the longer working hours was having on their professional and personal lives, those surveyed responded:

  • 34 percent believed that their work productivity has decreased.
  • 66 percent stated that their social life has been affected.
  • 37 percent claimed their health had been affected in some way.

So how do you fall in these statistics? Are you working more hours?