Here’s Apple’s ad from 1998 debuting the iMac — with a little bit of poetic license at Robert Frost’s expense. Check out Steve Job’s introduction of the iMac as well.


As I pointed out earlier in the week, Apple’s iMac celebrated its 10th birthday recently. Here’s an ad I found from 1998, which was the first one Apple did for the iMac. As you can see, Apple took a little bit of poetic license with the ad, taking a twist on Robert Frost’s poem “The Road Not Taken.”

Interestingly enough, the voice-over says that that he took the “faster, simpler, less expensive… and far more colorful” road to the Internet. There must have been an asterisk there somewhere with the fine print the car companies use for their leasing ads saying “Compared to other Apple products.” 

With a 233Mhz powerPC CPU and a $1,299 price tag, the iMac could hardly have been called faster and less expensive than comparable PCs at the time. For example, Compaq was selling a 350Mhz AMD K6-2 based PC for $1,199. Gateway and Dell also sold machines that were much faster and in the same basic price range as the iMac.

It was, however, simpler and more colorful than other computers at the time. That certainly can’t be argued, but it was also to be expected as Apple targeted the computer for home and educational use. As with most Macs, however, the iMac snuck into some businesses as well.

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While you’re at it, check out Steve Job’s introduction of the iMac: