The TechRepublic Product Spotlight Blog, which started publishing in February 2009, is looking to expand product coverage by signing up new contributors. If you have made a product purchase, software or hardware, that required you or your organization to perform a thorough business analysis, we would like you to consider writing a Product Spotlight Blog post about that product.

In fact, if you have extensive knowledge of a product, one that you use on a regular basis and that is currently available in the marketplace, we would like you to submit a Product Spotlight on that product. We are looking to expand the range of voices in the Product Spotlight Blog to keep it fresh and interesting.

And, yes, you will be paid for your efforts.

The goal

The goal of each Product Spotlight is to create a short document which is easy to read and understand, and which highlights important product information in a way that makes it easy to skim. Each blog post focuses on explaining who would use the product and describing what problem the product is designed to solve. Each post is also presented in a familiar standardized format that establishes a level of expectation in the mind of the reader.

The TechRepublic Product Spotlight Blog reviews hardware and software based upon their practical use in the field. Therefore, all products should be readily available on the open market and ideally each product should be evaluated in an environment similar to real-world conditions.

The typical review is conducted and written by a member of the TechRepublic editorial staff or one of a cadre of regular contributors to the blog. A review can also be conducted by an IT professional in the field that is intimately familiar with a product. By using a standardized format, reviews for the Product Spotlight can generally be written quickly because the focus is on who would use it and why.


One thing we would like to make clear as you consider the opportunity; this is not a forum for the re-publishing of press releases and canned vendor marketing. Only contributors who have actually implemented the product in question in their organization or are otherwise intimately familiar with its business usage are welcome. If you have a financial interest or other personal investment in the product, this blog will not be for you.

While vendors are encouraged to submit their products for review, it is with the understanding that one of our contributors will require hands-on time with said product before a review can be completed.

Be a contributor

So are you interested in contributing to the TechRepublic Product Spotlight Blog? Do you have a product that you have tested, implemented, and/or installed you think the TechRepublic membership would like to know about? Click the Contact link at the top of the blog page to send me a private message (Mark Kaelin). I’ll send you a return e-mail confirming your product topic if it is acceptable and not a duplicate suggestion, and further explaining the required Product Spotlight format.

I look forward to hearing from you and I am excited to see what products we can spotlight in the blog.

Additional news

The Product Spotlight Newsletter has been finalized and will start delivering on Thursday, July 2, 2009. This newsletter will deliver each Thursday to highlight the latest Product Spotlight Blog reviews, as well as other noteworthy product-specific happenings on TechRepublic. Click this link to automatically signup for the Product Spotlight Newsletter.