A cat in a hat is fine, but a trainer isn't

Whether you're training or working, you shouldn't wear a hat indoors, at least according to TechRepublic's Jeff Davis.

I had an interesting learning experience recently. I attended a seminar to see a demonstration of a new video-editing application. The system had all the hardware and software bells and whistles you could ask for, assuming you could afford it. We received two hours of hands-on training on how to use the system.

I learned a few things from the seminar, but there was one thing that really bugged me about the person who led it—he wore a hat. Did I mention that the seminar was indoors?

What’s my beef?
I wanted to ask the guy, “Didn’t your mother teach you that gentlemen don’t wear hats indoors?” Gentlemen don’t, and neither should professionals. This was a free seminar. If I had paid to be there, I would have probably called the guy on his appearance.

Hats have no place indoors, folks. You’re having a bad hair day? You’re going bald and you’re ashamed? Tough. Get a grip—or a rug.

You think hats are cool? Fine. Wear them to the beach or to the baseball game. But when you go inside, please remove your headgear.

Casual dress code doesn’t include hats
Even if you’re not doing training—maybe you work for a company that has a casual dress code—don’t wear your hat inside. You don’t look professional. You look tacky. You look like a goober. So if you want to look good, lose the hats, guys.
Am I the only one that’s bothered by men who wear hats indoors? If you agree or disagree, follow this link to let me know .

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