Inserting content into an Excel sheet is a constant function for most of us. We’re constantly entering something into a sheet. The following keyboard shortcuts automate some of these tasks – some you probably already know, but take a look. Maybe you’ll find a few new ones!



Insert data

Ctrl + K

Insert a hyperlink

Ctrl + ;

Insert the current date

Ctrl + :

Insert the current time

Ctrl + Enter

Enter value into non-contiguous cells

Alt + Enter

Wrap text to new line in same cell

Alt + Down Arrow

Display AutoComplete list

Shift + F2

Insert comment

Insert functions

Alt + =

Insert sum function

Shift + F3

Launch function wizard

Ctrl + Shift + A

Completes function by inserting argument

Insert names

Ctrl + Shift + F3

Create names from labels in adjacent row and/or columns

Ctrl + F3

Launch Name Manager


Displays Paste Name dialog.