In a previous post, I promised to take a look at Private Folder 1.0 a little closer. The installation was a snap. You can check out my installation gallery.

After installing the product, a folder with a key icon was placed on my desktop.

The very first time you double-click the folder, a wizard walks you through creating a strong password. Once you complete the wizard, you have a password/encrypted folder accessible only by you or to an individual you give the password. If you forget the password you are out of luck. There is no support for this product.


When the folder is locked, you cannot access files without entering the password.

When it is unlocked, you can add files and then right-click on the menu and lock it at any time. It is a very useful utility. I am sorry to see the plug pulled on it.

Has anyone else used Private Folder 1.0?  If so, let me know your trials and tribulations.