A first look at Windows 7 beta

In this week's Roundup we show you a preview of Windows 7 beta, cover news from the annual Macworld and more.

This week we gave you a preview of the long-awaited Windows 7 beta, which is due to be released today. Windows 7 beta has made a good first impression on us. Microsoft seems to have taken advantage of Vista's strong points and dealt with its flaws.

The annual Macworld conference took place in San Francisco this week with Apple announcing changes to iLife, iWork, iTunes and the 17-inch MacBook Pro in its last ever keynote for the event. Apple's CEO Steve Jobs did not attend due to health problems.

A new version of the Unix-based FreeBSD operating system -- 7.1 has been released. Amongst the new features introduced is Sun Microsystem's DTrace -- a troubleshooting utility for the operating system and user applications.

In other news, Twitter faced a significant security problem when the accounts of prominent figures like Barack Obama and Britney Spears were broken into by a hacker who posted embarrassing messages.

In blogs this week, Jessica Dolcourt covered Opera's new Device SDK 9.7, particularly useful for Wii web surfing.

-- Posted by Lana Kovacevic