As you may recall, I have been trying out the latest version of Microsoft’s Windows Vista (Build 6000). Initial problems with the installation on my Compaq laptop could be explained by my experimentation with the upgrade installation path. (Trust me, back up your data, format your hard drive, and do a clean install). However, I was still having problems even after performing a clean install. Further investigation revealed the problem to be with the Broadcom drivers for my wireless network connection.

Apparently, and perhaps some one in the development world can help us here, Vista is very particular about how applications and drivers shut down. The version 4.0 drivers work fine as long as you do not restart Windows Vista. Shutting down the system causes a memory conflict and/or corruption of specific files that Vista needs when it reboots.

Consequently, I have been able to use my laptop with a perfectly functioning wireless connection for the past month or so because I have not completely turned off my laptop. I can put the laptop into sleep mode or even into hibernate mode, and when I open the lid and the operating system comes up on screen everything is fine. So if you are one of the many Compaq V2000 laptop owners out there trying to run Windows Vista and you have been living with frustrating errors involving your user profile, re-booting the system with the Broadcom drivers may be the problem.

Try operating the laptop without actually turning it off for a few days and see if you get better results. I have.