If you’re looking for a full Windows 10 PC that you can slip into a coat pocket, you may want to check out the GPD Pocket2.

Fully funded on Indiegogo within hours of launch, the GPD Pocket2 packs the same processor as a $799 Surface Pro into a machine the size of a paperback book.

The Pocket2’s makers, GPD HK, say the device is aimed at everyday users and workers who need a highly portable PC to use on go.

The PC runs Windows 10 Home on an Intel Core m3-7y30 CPU with up to 8GB memory, 128GB SSD storage and features a 7-inch 1920×1200 touchscreen display protected by Gorilla Glass 4. It’s a slim device, 8-14mm thick, 181mm long and 113mm wide, and weighing under 500g.

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GPD HK said the GPD Pocket2 outperforms its predecessor, the GPD Pocket: almost doubling the original device’s CPU-Z multi-thread score to 2688 and more than doubling its 3DMark II P GPU score to 5687.

While cooling might be a concern in a device this compact, the Pocket2 includes fan-based cooling to limit the frequency of heat-related performance throttling.

Portwise, there’s two USB Type-A, one USB Type-C and one micro SD card slot.

Reviews of the original GPD Pocket were largely positive, praising its performance and attractive display, while highlighting the slightly cramped feeling of the keyboard and noise of the fan.

GPD HK is attempting to address these concerns, with the Pocket2 offering a “fan mute” button and a keyboard whose keys offer a “large surface area”.

At the time of publication, the device was more than 600% funded on Indiegogo less than 24 hours after launching.

The Pocket2 is available via Indiegogo from $569, with the starting price rising to $729 once the Pocket 2 hits retail. GPD HK estimates devices will be delivered to backers from October 2018.

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • The GPD Pocket2 is a full Windows 10 PC small enough to slip into a coat pocket.
  • The GPD Pocket2 packs the same processor as Microsoft’s $799 Surface Pro.