Summer is official blockbuster movie season, so I’ve got my list together of what any dork worth his geek cred will be seeing over the next four months (either in theater, or via the magic of bittorrent). So, with the help of SFSignal, here’s a list of the flicks I’d like to plunk down down ducats to enjoy as Edison intended: In a cramped, overpriced quasi-recliner surrounded by loudmouthed teenagers and adult jerkwads who can’t turn off a cellphone at the local multiplex: Spider-Man 3 (May 4), Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (May 25), 28 Weeks Later (May 11), Shrek the Third (May 18), Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (June 15), Fido (June 15), Black Sheep (June 22), Transformers (July 4), Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (July 13), The Simpsons Movie (July 27), Stardust (August 10), The Invasion (August 17), and Fanboys (August 17).

Like being the operative word here. I’ve got an infant daughter at home, so this summer will be the first I can’t willfully observe cinematic quasi-holidays at a whim. I’ll be lucky to see 3-4 of these on the big screen, so I’m wondering if the local movie-geek community has any strong opinions about which flick is most worth the trouble of arranging a sitter and spending a one of a precious few free evenings to see (and no, I can’t just leave the kid with the wife, as she wants to see these films as much as I do–more, in the case of Harry Potter). So, help a fella out and cast your vote for most worth summer geek movie below.
(Yes, I recognize that Transformers has the stink of Michael Bay upon it, so bear in mind that the amount of money I spend on a flick is heavily influenced by its Rotten Tomatoes rating. I commend its assistance unto you. If it ain’t Tomato fresh, it’s lucky to get even matinee coinage out of me. Hollywood, you are forewarned.)