How many times have you been in a class and said to yourself, “This person knows what he’s talking about, but has he ever had a day of presentation skills training in his life?” Have you ever stopped to think about your own training presentation skills? Don’t be too self-assured—we all might be a little guilty of forgetting the basics when it comes to training. Whether you’re new to training or you just need a refresher course, The Instant Trainer: Quick Tips on How to Teach Others What You Know might be the perfect book for you.
The Instant Trainer: Quick Tips on How to Teach Others What You Know ($29.95) is written by C. Leslie Charles and Chris Clarke-Epstein and published by McGraw-Hill, 1997. If you’re interested in purchasing this resource, follow this link .

The Instant Trainer: Quick Tips on How to Teach Others What You Know

This resource offers real-world Q&A
The Instant Trainer: Quick Tips on How to Teach Others What You Know does a great job of providing the basics of training design and delivery. The book covers a variety of topics, including:

  • Adult learning theory
  • Polishing your delivery skills
  • Ways to get your audience’s attention

It provides enough detail to get a new trainer started, but not so much detail that it puts the reader to sleep. Much of the information can also serve as a refresher for intermediate-level trainers. C. Leslie Charles and Chris Clarke-Epstein use a personable writing style that is easily understood by nontrainers. The book also addresses issues important to new trainers, such as handling the anxiety of being a first-time trainer.

Although a great book, it lacks quick reference checklists for professionals to utilize just before a training class. Much of the content is designed as a Q&A, addressing letters from new trainers that have been written to the authors. That’s fine for the people who have an interest in reading what other new trainers are going through, but not for those who have only a couple of days to prepare for their first training class. In cases like this, information is usually more easily retained by the use of bullet lists and concise summaries.

My overall review
All in all, The Instant Trainer contains the critical factors that can make or break training, and I would consider it a “must-have” for your training library.

Susanne E. Krivanek is a training coordinator/analyst for Systems & Computer Technology Corp. , Education Solutions Division, which specializes in the development of software product training and certification programs. She has a training background in the areas of brokerage software, office applications, and business entrepreneurship, and she also speaks on maximizing training effectiveness.

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