A guide to the best of Microsoft's Windows Vista articles

Microsoft has done an admirable job of getting the word out on Windows Vista's new features. Here are some of the highlights.

Microsoft has really done a nice job of putting together some very valuable information about Windows Vista that will not only be of benefit to those actually testing the product, but also to those who are sitting on the sideline. Here's a list of some of the most interesting articles.

Windows Vista Product Overview for IT Professionals
This very detailed article covers, in overview fashion, just about everything you'll want to know about how Windows Vista will be of benefit to the entire enterprise—from the IT group down to the end users. Topics in this article cover security, data protection, reliability, performance deployment, manageability, and productivity.

Ximage and WIM Image Format
This article by Jerry Honeycutt, a writer, speaker, and technologist, goes into great detail on XImage, which is Windows Vista's built-in disk-imaging tool that is designed to vastly improve the deployment of the new operating system.

Get Home Earlier with Windows Vista
This article by Tony Northrup, a networking consultant and writer, begins by reminiscing about the days of deploying and managing a Windows for Workgroups (WFW) 3.11 network and uses that memory to contrast the benefits of deploying and managing Windows Vista.

Windows Vista Self-Guided Tour
This document, from the Windows Team, provides a high-level step-by-step introductory guide aimed at IT professionals who are going to be building and deploying desktops with Windows Vista Beta 1. It includes scenarios, step-by-step instructions, and screen shots. Topics in this article cover security, deployment, desktop management, end-user productivity, and mobility features.

Windows Vista Ready PC Hardware Guidelines
This article will help ease your concerns over Win Vista's hardware requirements by providing you with details about how the currently available Windows Vista Ready PCs will allow you to make the transition from Windows XP PCs to Windows Vista PCs and easy one.

Deploying Windows Vista
This page features a number of articles on the best practices for deploying Windows Vista, including tools for application compatibility, and recommended strategies for a smooth deployment.

Security and Protection in Windows Vista
This page features several articles providing you with in-depth information regarding system isolation and resiliency, the hardening platform, access control and other security management topics.

Windows Vista Desktop Management
This page features articles that explain how you can reduce the cost of desktop support, simplify desktop configuration management, enable better centralized management of the desktop and decrease the cost of keeping systems updated.

Windows Vista Virtual Pressroom
In this little gallery on Microsoft's PressPass site, you'll find some official screen shots of various Windows Vista features.

Microsoft Windows Vista Beta 1 Fact Sheet
This descriptive fact sheet on Microsoft's PressPass site provides you with a ton of information in a very digestible portions.

Windows Vista FAQ
While the Microsoft site contains a lot of valuable Windows Vista information, I really like the tidbits presented in this FAQ by Paul Thurrott.

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