I installed a Media PC during my week of vacation. Well,

it’s not a true Media PC, I decided to let the DVR I got from Insight handle

the television recording part of things. The PC does (or will when I can get

around to ripping and burning) house all of the music I want.

The PC comes in handy for betting on horse races through the TVG Web site. I

can watch the races and bet without leaving my chair or carrying a laptop with


Only one thing has upset me about this process — and I’ve mentioned it before

— the asking price for a DVI to HDMI conversation cable is just plain highway

robbery and I refuse to pay it. The cable the lame-brain at Best Buy wanted me

buy was $120 – yeah, like that is going to happen. When I complained about how

much, he gave me that arrogant look of a self-proclaimed electronics snob. The

look that says, “You don’t want to spend as much as possible for your HD

viewing experience — I snub my nose at you.” I hate that. I don’t need

that kind of attitude from a pimple-faced punk geek who lives with his parents

and has his electronic life handed to him on a silver platter.

After suffering his indignation, which was quickly followed by my expression of

perturbed hostility, he suggested the cheaper version of the exact same cable

— $65. I handed it back to him and left the store. I’m using a VGA cable and

it works just fine geek boy.