A new coat of varnish

This week featured plenty of coverage from the various conferences occurring around the country. All the while Builder's design gnomes were busy give the site a touch-up.

While the journalists were out covering all the conferences this week, the Builder design gnomes were busy giving us a coat of paint here and a spruce-up there -- no terribly large and daunting changes, but after a time the make-up does need to be reapplied.

The most obvious changes were on our homepage, we'd love it get your feedback on the new look especially if there are places that need improvement -- send your thoughts to editor@builderau.com.au.

Now back to this week's stories.

Some lucky folks had the opportunity to attend AusCERT this week. Plenty of good video made its way online; for starters we have Microsoft's Roger Grimes explaining why security appliances can make you less secure, Kimberly Zenz tells why Russian criminals prefer Australian banks and the retired chief scientist of America's NSA discusses how to create secure code.

At the keynote for this year's Microsoft REMIX conference, Mark Pesce, Honorary Associate at the University of Sydney, spoke on how employees are able to trigger the "nuclear option" on bad bosses thanks to the immediate "hyperconnectivity" of services such as Twitter. Pesce went further and claimed that the Web is not about content, but connectivity: "The Web isn't about content... connection is king," he said.

It was also a good week for blogs -- Brendon Chase gave some good advice for dealing with egomaniacs in the work environment, Lana Kovacevic took a look at Opera's Widget SDK, and I attempted to regain control of my email without declaring utter email bankruptcy.

It has been a very busy week indeed, stay on the lookout for the videos of the Builder AU open source afternoon at OpenCeBIT and enjoy the weekend.

-- Posted By Chris Duckett