Written in my Seattle hotel and despatched to Tech Republic via a 5.5Mbps free wifi service.

I seem to be in the midst of an ‘unsubscribe war’. It’s not that I join many groups, or  regularly sign up for news and information feeds, or indeed click or un-click without being careful, but I am watching a rising tide of junk fill my screen. Where is it all coming from?

Unwarranted and un-asked-for mailings from companies, groups and other bodies has overtaken the spam in my inbox.

Somewhere my email address is on a list that is doing the rounds and as a result I’m awash with irrelevant and irritating blurb trying to convince me to invest in, buy, use this and that product and service.

Each time I search for the hidden unsubscribe link. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Most times it leads to mild amusement – or intense frustration. Last week I clicked unsubscribe and this week they start sending me the same bumf in paper format by surface mail.  Doh!

A few weeks ago I clicked unsubscribe and finished up with an enquiry as to why, only to be given another six boxes to click including, one that would give me another feed from another ‘interesting’ source!

Well I have tried to be reasonable, but I have now reached the end!  It is time to put ‘shields up’, report them for spam they are and divert them all to my first defensive junk filter so they never reach my laptop let alone my screen.

In something of of an ironic touch I now have to announce that this is my final regular blog for TechRepublic.  It has been fun writing for silicon.com and TechRepublic these past 10 years, but nothing lasts for ever and the world moves on.

I have enjoyed the dialogues, the challenges and the wonderful support of my editorial team over that time and I wish them all, and all of you, the best for the future. Keep well, be optimistic, and try to keep up with change…it isn’t going away anytime soon!

But you can always find more about my work and publishing activities by clicking visiting:  www.cochrane.org.uk