TechRepublic recently learned that one of our freelance writers took a payment from a technology vendor to write a review of the vendor’s product. This is obviously a major breech of editorial ethics. As a result, the writer is no longer a TechRepublic contributor and all of the articles the person wrote for TechRepublic in the past have been unpublished from the site.

We take editorial ethics extremely seriously and we will never tolerate behavior that clearly crosses the line and compromises the trust that we have with our audience. TechRepublic is all about helping technology professionals find and implement the best solutions to make organizations run better, faster, and more efficiently. As such, it’s absolutely critical that our members trust us to be a neutral third-party observer of the IT industry.

That’s why we’ve taken immediate and drastic action in this case, even though the product review in question was generally even-handed and the author wrote many other useful tips for TechRepublic. Unfortunately, taking a payment from a vendor negates all of that and will never be tolerated.