Just wanted to do a quick introduction since most people on the site only know me by my site alias “sMoRTy71.”

By day, I am the site manager for TechRepublic; however, I have also taken on the challenge of writing “Practical Gadgetry” because I love my employer… ‘s access to review units of all of the latest gadgets.

I have been struggling with my gadget addiction for well over 10 years and, according to my wife, the gadgets are winning. Our house has turned into a giant lab for tinkering with new products. We currently have 3 HDTVs (65″, 32″ and 26″), 4 Windows Media Center PCs, 2 TiVos, 2 Slingboxes (original and AV), an XBOX 360 with HD-DVD add-on, an original XBOX, a Nintendo Wii, 2 Nintendo DS Lites, a 5G iPod, a Windows Home Server with 900GB of storage, a Drobo with 1.3TB of storage, a Harmony 880 remote and a bunch of other stuff that I won’t mention, like the subwoofers I have wired to my couch, because actually typing all of that stuff out made me realize that my wife might be onto something.

I am also a frequent beta tester of products and services. Past betas that I’ve been involved with include XBOX Live and Slingbox.

So hopefully you will be able to use my “condition” to your own benefit as I find out which gadgets are worth buying and which ones should be avoided. I also hope to share some useful tips for getting the most out of the gadgets you already own.

If there’s something you’d like me to cover or you just have a question, send me an e-mail at shawn dot morton at cnet dot com.