To print from a specific page to the end of the document, you probably enter the beginning page number and a value that’s higher than the total number of pages in the document. For instance, if you want to print from page 10 to the end of the document and you know that the document has fewer than 50 pages, you might enter 10-50 in the Page Range field.
I know… that’s old news. But did you know that the second page number value isn’t necessary anymore? The hyphen character ( – ) tells Word to print to the end of the document! Instead of entering 10-50, enter just 10-. (Older versions still need the second page number.)
The improvement hardly seems important, but the older shortcut had one disadvantage — you had to have some idea how many pages were in the document. Guessing usually worked and you could always enter some insane value like 10000, but not entering a value at all is definitely easier.
Interestingly, this technique also works for printing from the first page to a specific page. For instance, to print from the first page to page 50, enter -50.