Whether you are in the beginning phases of a Web-Based Training (WBT) project or just thinking about how you should approach the task, the Web-Based Training Cookbook has a great recipe for you! This book describes the steps involved in planning, creating, and implementing online courses. It also pinpoints the essential tools and techniques required for the WBT function to run smoothly.
Online Price: $39.95Brandon HallPublished by John Wiley & Sons; Sept, 1997Softcover; 482 pagesISBN: 0-471-18021-1

What you’ll find
This book goes beyond your average book on Web-based training in two important ways. First, it is comprehensive—the author does not assume that you are a technical guru or that you already have a project proposal approved by management. Everything is covered, from definitions of the foundation concepts to an overview of how to build a business case for WBT. Second, each chapter contains several case studies and examples (such as detailed proposals and ROI worksheets); you’ll want to keep this material handy for future reference. The book also includes a CD-ROM to help you plan a WBT course.

Other topics covered in the book include:

  • Overviews of Online Testing Software Programs (Such as Web@ssessor, Decisive Survey, and Question Mark)
  • Assembling a WBT Project Team
  • Market Research available regarding Web Based Training trends
  • How to determine if interactive multimedia is for you
  • Online copyright law basics and issues

My overall thoughts
If you consider yourself a WBT technical expert, you may not care for the book—the material is elementary and focuses more on the management of the WBT function. For those of us who can’t claim guru status, however, the Web-Based Training Cookbook explains the key concepts behind WBT technology and what needs to be done to implement a successful WBT project.
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Susanne E. Krivanek is a training coordinator/analyst for Systems & Computer Technology Corp. , Education Solutions Division, who specializes in the development of software product training and certification programs. She has a training background in brokerage software, office applications, and business entrepreneurship, and she speaks on maximizing training effectiveness.