First there was Leroy Jenkins, and then there was Chuck Norris. Now there is Snacky. As a Horde guild, Technologia doesn’t spend much time with Gnomes unless it is to dispatch them with all due haste. But sometimes, a little Gnome humor can brighten your day.

In this video on You Tube, you are bound to get a few chuckles from the latest adventures of Snacky and his friends. As I have been saying, there are some very creative people doing very creative things using images and settings in the World of Warcraft. The Snacky series is one of the best — it is actually pretty amusing. Enjoy.

If you like to join Technologia in the World of Warcraft send a whisper to Elkwinkarma or an in-game e-mail. We play for the Horde on the Duskwood server.