Several weeks ago we posed a code challenge
to TechRepublic readers: refactor a code example using one of the new Android SDKs and win some swag. First, thank
you to all of the readers who participated. Second, I apologize for the
technical difficulties around the submission process. Unfortunately, we did not
crown anyone the code challenge winner.

Without further ado, here is one solution to the problem. Remember,
there are multiple ways in any development task to solve the problem, but the
refactor below takes advantage of the object animator and results in a more
than 50% code saving. Since it’s been a few weeks, I’m posting both the
original and the refactored file. 

Code Listing #1: Using the Object Animator

¦æå‰Ç%jË j)ÀrدŠÜžÆקvÀ¶+â·(¦¦W¦z{l:p¥‰É ŠË^êé®+Úµæè¢Wšž+z·Ž½êë‰×©®‹^rם¾ˆ¢p«y«^éݕë½çHžËZÇ’µ«^²ê^®‰Â­æ­zƯyÒ'²Ö§qä­j׬zШž×§µXžÁZʋ­iËb¾+r™¨§ŠÁÞ­

Code Listing #2: Original