Recently, TechRepublic member Benjamin Hill accepted my invitation to recommend a good Web site. Mr. Hill wrote, “I recommend This is an excellent site for anybody who has questions about what to do after they build their site. I even further recommend donating to the site because the links you get after donating are invaluable!”

Who in the world is Robert Woodhead?
When you surf over to, don’t expect to see a lot of eye candy; there isn’t any. The home page text explains how SelfPromotion works and provides a biography of the site’s author, Robert Woodhead. Mr. Woodhead “was one of the creators of the Wizardry series of computer role-playing games.”

Mr. Woodhead has developed a daemon, dubbed “Tooter,” that helps register your site with search engines and index pages. To start using the service, you simply spend a few minutes filling out the online form.

In addition to “Tooter,” SelfPromotion also offers a variety of advice intended to help you do everything from making your Web page search-engine friendly and getting listed on Yahoo to dealing with Spam and creating a site that’s capable of winning awards.

The service is free!
The most unusual thing about SelfPromotion is the fact that it’s FREE! All Mr. Woodhead asks is that you decide how much the service is worth. If you register your site and you notice great results, you pay what you think it’s worth to you. That’s a bold business initiative—but based on the customer comments listed on the site, it’s apparently paying off, both for Mr. Woodhead and his customers.

To learn more about how the service works, check out the Frequently Asked Questions section. Whether you’re launching your own Web-based business or you’re in charge of promoting your company’s Web site, can help.
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